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Two current favorites from Optiphi

Two current favorites from Optiphi

Optiphi Clarity Serum - R545/15ml 

Spot treatments. Not a big fan. Probably because I’ve never found one that actually worked for me. That was until I was greeted with Optiphi’s newly improved product, as well as a monster of a blind pimple making its way to the surface of my skin. Coincidence? I think not.


So, of course I reached for this product immediately, but did not see any results.


Last week I gave it a second chance, this time applying it to the blemish (still brewing under the surface) in the morning and at night - after cleansing my skin, and before my night cream.


The next morning the sneaky pimple surfaced and I managed to get rid of it! Then I applied the Clarity Serum AGAIN, as well as that evening AGAIN, and by the next day the pimple monster was a story of the past. The product dried the monster out completely and it was gone for good.


The Clarity Serum, although not cheap for a spot treatment, will last a hell of a long time as you need so little at a time. It contains 7 deeply penetrating skin actives that work hard at unclogging the infected pore. Salicylic Acid and Lipohydroxy Acid are two of these hardworking ingredients that took care of my unwanted guest. They are potent ingredients, and because I applied the lotion very liberally to the area of concern, it did dry out the area quite a bit. Luckily Hydra-Derm HA Masque took care of the very-dry-sitch immediately. Other additional benefits of the Clarity Serum are soothing and calming of the inflamed area and stimulation of collagen and elastin production. 

Hydra-Derm HA Masque- R690/75ml

I found this moisturizing mask to be softening and hydrating without making me feel sticky (which I hate and find some hydrating masks do do). Heroic ingredients include Dipeptide-1 which stimulates elastin synthesis, promoting elastic fiber architecture & decreasing signs of aging. I recently discovered through my DNA analysis with Optihi, that this is an area of concern for me, genetically. As we grow older, our skin's ability to produce elastin slows down. Other factors such as lack of moisture, sun- and environmental damage and frequent change in weight can also influence the production of collagen and elastin. 

Hyaluronic Acid is a fan favorite amongst the beauty blogging community because of its effective results when it comes to collagen production, moisture retention, and for me personally, improved GLOW!


I know the word "acid" when used in conjunction with the word "skin" can be frightening but do not fear. This is the good kind that you want to slowly introduce to your skincare routine, and soon will want to bathe in like Cleopatra in honey. The mask can be used as an overnight mask or even as a moisture booster under your daily foundation. 

I loved using it as an actual moisturizer and found it has just the right feel for me. Remember, if you are going to use it as a moisturizer, it does not contain an SPF, so remember to apply that too, ESPECIALLY when using active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid. 

For those of you asking about Optiphi skincare stockists, here you go

Thank you Optiphi. You never fail to impress. x



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