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New things at Crabtree & Evelyn

New things at Crabtree & Evelyn

My home is my castle, I always say, and Crabtree & Evelyn just helped me elevate mine to a new level! Their New Modern British Home Collection - a series of reed diffusers and candles - is designed to enhance the personality and atmosphere of each room in your house.

Imagine entering your home and smelling warm, crushed berries, sweet rhubarb and blackcurrant buds – something your friends and family will fondly remember. Warm & Welcome.


Ingredients most probably found in your pantry or fridge were used for the kitchen fragrance: Supper Club. Think fresh mint, rosemary, basil, tarragon and aniseed. Carrot seed oil is a brilliant stress and anxiety relieving essential oil so yay for helping with the nerves when hosting a dinner party.


Fresh apple, light aquatic notes and a touch of lilac for your lounge? Sounds like just the trick to help you teleport your mind to wonderful places during movie night. There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of candle light while being curled up on the couch with a good cuppa, your loved one, and a cuddly pet. Memories Made.

Memories Made Diffuser.jpg

I’d love the smell of waves breaking against a perfect shoreline to transform my bathroom into a seaside haven. For a lot of us, the bathroom is the only place where we truly get to enjoy some solitude, so why not pay extra attention to it with an aroma that radiates tranquility. Seaside Vibes

Dreamy bath for us Capetonians to admire until we can maybe one day take a bath again. 

Dreamy bath for us Capetonians to admire until we can maybe one day take a bath again. 

 In my castle, my bedroom is my throne. This is where I dream, recharge, laugh, love and cry. This room deserves a very special scent, something the team from Crabtree acknowledged. I was lucky enough to get the Wanderlust Dream diffuser as a gift and it is pure perfection. Of all the scents in the range, this is my absolute best! I’m all about those warm, woody, spicy scents. My fiery, passionate side resonates with aromatic pink pepper, tobacco and cedar wood with just a touch of violet and iris to celebrate being soft and feminine. This scent has taken our bedroom to a next-level-special-sanctuary and it will repurchase it again and again.


Let’s not forget our special guest bedroom that now evokes the idea of home away from home, thanks to the Home Comforts scent: Star anise quince, lemon and orange for a relaxing yet uplifting, zesty atmosphere.

Home Comforts Diffuser.jpg

 Curiosity Corner is my other favourite scent from the range for obvious, warm, spicy reasons. The scent inspires you to create your own space, your study, reading nook or inspiration corner. Cade, cedar wood, vetiver, and smoky leather spark my inner warrior who maneuvers my ideas into reality. This unisex scent is the perfect gift for any creative, passion-driven friend.

Curiosity Corner Diffuser.jpg

We got the City Zen candle for Adam’s mom for Mother’s Day. She loves the East and often visits to recharge and unwind with a yoga retreat or spiritual adventure. This scent brings the East right to her home with ginger, black pepper, cardamom and clove spices. A twist of lemon transforms the scent from relaxing to uplifting, gearing you for a buzzing night out.


Crabtree & Evelyn has really outdone themselves with the creation of this range. The scents are spectacular and the packaging elegant and beautiful. I’d love to own all 8 and will most certainly consider them as top gifting options for birthdays, housewarmings, wedding gifts and Christmas. The candles retail at R800, and the diffusers at R1500, and mark my words: it’s worth every penny!

***These images are not my own and have kindly been provided to me by the Crabtree&Evelyn brand. 

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