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Fragrance Fridays: L'eau D'issey PURE Nectar de Parfum

Fragrance Fridays: L'eau D'issey PURE Nectar de Parfum

My mother used L’Eau D’Issye when it first launched in 1992. I remember smelling the bottle (not spraying, too precious) and thinking “when I grow up I want to smell like this.”

The original frangrance was inspired by water. A drop of water to be more exact. The bottle, resembling a drop of water, is a signature of the well-known original fragrance.

The PURE variation of the fragrance first launched in 2017 with again, water tones in it’s character but with added musky heart tones that mimic the scent of water on a woman’s skin.

New in 2018 is the final part of the trilogy of fragrances: PURE – Nectar de Parfum. Water is turned into nectar as the original fragrance becomes heartier, warmer and more complex. I love the new pink rose look of the bottle and box. I mean, If you’ve followed my blog at all, you’ll know about the unfair advantage pink has over other colours in my life right now.

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The fragrance is described as having juicy pear tones which compliments the center rose absolute chords perfectly. I can pick on that sweet honey that makes the fragrance smell edible. The warm and comforting, sexy sandalwood is my best part.

Read on with Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal, creators of the new fragrance, as they expand on its conception and finer details. 

 What did the word "nectar" bring to mind when  you conceived  this new variation? For us, nectar is synonymous with generosity, with opulence. We went back to the first moment of L'Eau d' lssey Pure, the Eau de Parfum, to bring  out  its  more  addictive, honeyed notes.

Why does pear, a drop-shaped fruit, show up in this Eau Pure?

Juicy rather than crisp, pear brings freshness to the top notes. But it also adds gustatory elements that work well with rose, since pears and roses have common fragrance components.

In this version, your rose is lusher than ever. How did you envision it?

To express the idea of nectar, we conceived a fleshier, more carnal rose by emphasizing the honeyed facets of rose absolute with a honey accord, which introduces a new element in the fragrance.

Honey brings a gourmand touch yet the fragrance is as limpid as ever. How did you achieve this balance?

To bring transparency to the heart notes, we associated rose absolute with  a lily-of-the­ valley accord, as well as Rose Essential LMR, a type of extract that combines essential oil with rose water, for its more  "petally",  dewier  scent.  Maritima,  an IFF captive  that smells of seawater, bolsters these transparent effects.

What connects this Nectar with the Eau de Parfum 's seaspray and ambergris notes?

We introduced sandalwood, which accents the floral, honeyed effects of the heart notes, while blending with the woody facets of cashmeran and the ambergris accord. Though sweeter and more floral, the Nectar de Parfum is still built upon the same structure as the original L'Eau d' /ssey Pure.

You can purchase this beauty at Edgars Red Square or Woolworths  R925-R1820



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