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Pizza at The Ritz.

Pizza at The Ritz.

You could wake me up at 3am with fresh pizza and I would sit up, enjoy the pizza, and go straight back to bed. That’s how much I love pizza, and that’s how I know that I’m somewhat of a connoisseur. So when I was asked to review the pizza evenings at Casa, The Ritz in Sea Point, well, they had me at pizza. 


The Ritz is an institution in Cape Town and with it’s renovations and change of ownership in 2017, they have regained the popularity they had in the 70’s. This was my first visit since the renovations and I was so incredibly happy that their original 70’s flare was still intact. From the staff, to the architectural touches and interior decisions, the essence of the Ritz remains untouched. 


On Tuesdays they have a pensioners special: a 2-course meal for R80 pp from 5pm which is such a nice way to honour the community. The Ritz has been in Sea Point for a very long time, and so have many of its residents. 

The most impressive thing of our visit to Casa was The Staff. All of them have spent a good couple of years with The Ritz, some even since before the recent change of ownership. They were all happy, positive and proud. We were the first diners of the evening (18:30) so it was very quiet when we sat down. Even so, the staff was bubbly and eager to make conversation. 


The interior is so beautiful and COOL! The velvet, gold and palm leaf prints made me feel like a 70’s film star, ready for a puff from her skinny ciggy. We started off with an Avocado Ritz because (insert obvious reason here) and my oh my what a beautiful presentation and oh-so-tasty. I’d highly recommend this starter to anyone and everyone. 

Now let’s get down to pizza. On Thursday nights they have a buy-one-get-one-free pizza special. I opted for the Aubergine pizza and Adam went with the lamb. A fabulous touch at the restaurant is the open kitchen where you get a front row view of your pizza being prepared by their chefs who were all smiles all night. 

IMG_9776 (1).jpeg

Even though I am a fan of wood fired pizza, the Ritz’s electric fired pizza did an excellent job convincing me otherwise. Fresh ingredients were used and dishes were beautifully prepared. By now the restaurant was filling up nicely with a mixture of local diners and tourists. 

One word of advice I do have for Casa is that they should invest in some music. When we arrived it was very quiet which unfortunately opened the door for tiny bits of awkwardness. Those who know me will tell you I have a vibrant imagination so a little bit of music would’ve elevated the experience. I can imagine that in summer there’d be no need for extra ambience, but seeing that Mr Winter is here with his empty outside area entourage, background music would’ve added an extra layer of warmth.  


As we were about the leave, the manager swooped in and answered all my questions about the renovations by taking us on a mini tour through the hotel. Being a big fan of customer service and initiative in general, I really enjoyed this little adventure and all I can say is: I WANT TO WAKE UP HERE FOREVER! 

Thank you Casa staff for showing us such genuine kindness and for making us feel special. I enjoyed playing dress up in a 70’s movie and will definitely be back for your promising Sushi special. 

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