Hello, I'm Annie.

Well not really Annie, but she's my alter ego... She's kind of the secret agent version of myself. Through her, I've created this destination from where I can share my passion for all things related to beauty, travel, design, interior and style.  

I have ten years experience in branding, retail and beauty PR and a genuine passion for customer service. I love great customer service where attention is paid to customer touch-points and experience. And alas, where I do not receive good service I tend to see it as an opportunity, a challenge & something to fix. 

Feel free to write to me and suggest products you're longing for, brands you admire, restaurants you're dying to try, hotels, holiday-destinations or spas you would like me to review. I will do the rest and I'll do my best. I will always be honest and share the not-so-good with equal optimism.  

Your's in all things beautiful and wondrous,  

Annie xx